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1930's Childs plate 1930's Childs plate Ref: xmas/1930s/plate
1930's plate featuring misicians, little boy frumming and little girl on base. 6.252 in diameter 

Price:   £25.00

Masons South Seas Hors d'ouevres dish Masons South Seas Hors d'ouevres dish Ref: xmas/mas/horsd
12" in diamer, 5 sections and 1 in centre, featuring sea shells. 

Price:   £59.00

Ridgway Homemaker Bowl 7" dia. Ridgway Homemaker Bowl 7" dia. Ref: xmas/ridgway/bowl

Bunny comport dish (2 part) Bunny comport dish (2 part) Ref: xmas/bunny/orna
Beautiful hand painted in 1924 by FC McCreedy. Base Plate 10.5" in diameter, Centre piece, 2.75" high, 5.50" in diameter. This is a delightful piece for a collector of works of art.  

Price:   £120.00

Childs saucer with Golly's Childs saucer with Golly's Ref: xmas/chil/saucer
5.25" in diameter.1930's saucer, featuring 2 little girls each with a Golly. Collectible as not PC! 

Price:   £25.00

Doulton Child Bunnykins Cup Doulton Child Bunnykins Cup Ref: xmas/bunny/cup
Doulton Bunnykins Cup, 3" high, featuring The Piano Lesson 

Price:   £25.00

Doulton Bunnykins Baby Plate Doulton Bunnykins Baby Plate Ref: xmas/bunnykbowl
Doulton Bunnykins bowl featuring class room scene (price reduced as marked second on base) In new condition with original label. 

Price:   £18.00

Childs Ring o' Roses Mug Childs Ring o' Roses Mug Ref: xmas/ringoroses/mug
1940's child mug, 3" high, featuring 3 little girls playing Ring o' Roses. 

Price:   £35.00

Wedgwood Green Leaf Plate Circa 1936 Wedgwood Green Leaf Plate Circa 1936 Ref: xmas/wedg/grplate
8" round 

Price:   £45.00

Rosenthal Dorothy Apfruz Cup and Saucer Rosenthal Dorothy Apfruz Cup and Saucer Ref: xnas/roset/dor/csau

Price:   £65.00

Copeland Spode Octagonal Dish 9.5" Circa 1900 Copeland Spode Octagonal Dish 9.5" Circa 1900 Ref: xmas/copspo/octdish
Beautiful floral design in delicate colours 

Price:   £60.00

Crown Devon Tiger Trees by Dorothy Ann Vase Crown Devon Tiger Trees by Dorothy Ann Vase Ref: xmas/crodev/vase
Signed. With handles.
11" long x 6" high. 

Price:   £79.00

Masons Naboc Hexagonal Cache Pot Masons Naboc Hexagonal Cache Pot Ref: xmas/masons/cache
5" high x 3.75 high approx. 

Price:   £40.00

Royal Stafford Butter Dish 4.75" Royal Stafford Butter Dish 4.75" Ref: xmas/roystaf/buttter
Square dish, round lid with handle.
Very pretty floral design with gilding. 

Price:   £45.00

Lord Nelson Pottery Jug Lord Nelson Pottery Jug Ref: xmas/lnel/jug
Large Jug with Widecombe Fair rhyme and amusing drawings. 5" high. 

Price:   £45.00

A H Tennant oval deep dish A H Tennant oval deep dish Ref: xmas/tenn/bowl
Pale green oval shaped bowl hand painted with scottish brambles by A H Tennant. Dated 1936. 

Price:   £25.00

Figure of a Bearded Collie dog Figure of a Bearded Collie dog Ref: xmas/dog
Stumpy tail, bearded collie style. Made in England. 

Price:   £39.00

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